About us

Welcome To Life Lab1

LifeLab1’s mission is to extend the application of the DBS to routine use at home, in outpatient clinics and hospitals, or anywhere else and whenever needed, to make blood tests available to everyone and to minimize the invasiveness of blood collection, ensuring that the results of the tests are not lesser than venous blood tests for their accuracy and precision. It is a complex challenge that LifeLab1 is solving with excellence in science and technology.


Our fully licensed remote laboratory operates with Japan and Swiss invented and made equipment, by bringing together a team of experts, scientists, and researchers. The analysis services are mainly performed by liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry with a fully automated dry blood sampling system. This enables us to minimize the chance of errors and get the most accurate results possible. Working exclusively with DBS technology allows to combine patients’ comfort with highly precise laboratory results.


LifeLab1 works according to the ISO 17025 system by following the main principles:

  • Professional and highly qualified team;
  • High-end equipment;
  • Strictly controlled and monitored workflow;
  • Internal and external quality control programs;
  • Proper sample selection and verification;
  • Ensured impartially;
  • Collaboration with scientists and researchers.

DBS benefits for You

Fast and low-cost collection of blood samples – no medical assistance is required

Simple and prompt shipping – DBS samples are sent by regular mail at convenient temperature

Wide range of research, quick, accurate and standardized testing results

Traceability – long-term storage (20 years and more) is available

IT solutions for delivering results to clients

Chemistry student looking at chemical in laboratory


Mission & Values

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Solid precision in remote laboratory testing to provide highest quality DBS laboratory services.

To become a well-known DBS laboratory in Europe for professionalism that meets the highest quality standards, providing established and developing new DBS testing methods.

Professionalism – Quality – Safety – Support – Teamwork – Transparency – Trust.