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A novel approach capable of detection at a molecular level. Dried blood spot is a form of bio sampling where blood samples are blotted and dried on filter paper. 

The dried samples can easily be shipped to our laboratory and analyzed using various methods such as LC-MS/MS.

Due to DBS technology (small sample volume), samples do not require special storage conditions compared to cell or blood plasma samples, which facilitates the work for both clients and the lab.

One of the advantages of DBS in diagnosing infectious diseases is the reduced risk of contamination with infectious and other pathological bioagents.

We advocate this method in order to reduce the need for the traditional invasive methods of sample collection.

Areas of Application


We can be your reliable partner in:

  • In various areas of research:
    • neonatal screening;
    • epidemiology;
    • genomics;
    • communicable disease.
  • In monitoring of:
    • Therapeutic drugs;
    • toxicology;
    • other drug studies. 
  • As an informative, safe, and convenient way to diagnose HIV, Ebola virus, Hepatitis B and other infectious diseases.
  • For biomarkers – proteins and hormones, vitamins and metals.
  • For storage of blood samples – DNA information in DBS cards remains stable for 20 years and more.


We can be your reliable partner in:

  • Therapeutic screening:
    • Create a demand for your product based on the blood test results;
    • Measure the uptake and efficacy of specific product by blood test results;
    • Demonstrate the effectiveness of a specific product based on blood test results;
  • Healing process assessment – used in rehabs as a milestone evaluation (patients are tested on admission to rehab, on discharge and in the months following treatment).
  • Preventive monitoring – in sensitive fields where alcohol or drug abuse can lead to critical/fatal mistakes (logistics, healthcare, aviation etc.)
  • Toxicology screening – legal proceedings.

DBS benefits for You

Fast and low-cost collection of blood samples – no medical assistance is required

Simple and prompt shipping – DBS samples are sent by regular mail at convenient temperature

Wide range of research, quick, accurate and standardized testing results

Traceability – long-term storage (20 years and more) is available

IT solutions for delivering results to clients

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Mission & Values

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Solid precision in remote laboratory testing to provide highest quality DBS laboratory services

To become a well-known DBS laboratory in Europe for professionalism that meets the highest quality standards, providing established and developing new DBS testing methods

Professionalism – Quality – Safety – Support – Teamwork – Transparency – Trust.